Zara devotees, big news: Zara’s sister brand is opening hours a pop-up shop for three months in NYC. The younger-targeted brand is called Bershka, and before we dive any further into this, we’ve got to talk about the name. Was anyone else’s immediate reaction some joke about babushkas? Or something you might call your Russian granny? Or was that just me? And for those of you know-it-alls who are like, “well Zara is actually pronounced ‘dzah-dah’ since it’s a Spanish company so this isn’t that bad” … Shhhhhhut your face. The clothes are slightly less costly than Zara’s, which is great for me personally. Yes I’ve recognized, global exploitation is very bad, but I’m a student. Persecute me. Bershka likewise sells menswear, so you can drag your boyfriend or brother. Likely not your spouse, unless you got married super young in the Midwest. I don’t know your life.

Bershka also sells activewear, which is nice, but that 100% will not motivate me to exert more. Last but not least, they have a charm collection with matte and glitter lipsticks, contouring kits, nail burnishes, and more. Bershka( still can’t get over the name) officially launched in the US online this past spring, but now it’s testing the brick-and-mortar waters out. Before shopping, I’m going to warn you: the sizings operate small-scale* rollings eyes* and they don’t carry any XL sizings or plus sizes. That’s some serious cross-Atlantic shade, Spain. That hurts.

Anyway, if you’re skinny, the clothes are really cute( especially the outerwear and bottoms ), so I’ll likely be adding some pieces to my autumn/ winter wardrobe. Wait. They have a Halloween and Disney collection ??? Take my fund. The storage be found at 580 Broadway in SoHo and will be here until January. For those of you who aren’t in the city, shipping is free if you invest more than $70. God bless free shipping, honestly. I’ve picked out some of my favourites, and you are able to def be taken into consideration, because I know what’s best.

1. Velvet Puffer Jacket

I need this. And it’s simply $59.90! This puffer comes in garnet( pictured) and green. This 5’7″ framework is wearing a medium–wow, they weren’t kidding when they said it operated small-scale, but I guess they did style this over a suit. Odd choice, but okay. You do you, Bershka.

2. Slim Fit Flared Jeans With Velvet Bow

These jeans wholly could’ve been styled with the above puffer for a cute cold-weather lewk. This pair blends two of my favorite tendencies: lace-up and frayed denim. And for only $49.90… bless. Also, please don’t wear that sweater unless you’re moving as Cookie Monster for Halloween. Wait, that’s actually not a bad idea…

3. Contrasting T-Shirt

Guys, when I saw this, I literally gasped and said, “Yes.” That kind of reaction doesn’t happen very often for me. I’ve been less thrilled on birthdays. This $15.90 shirt be coming back two colors: black( pictured, duh) and orange, with the text, “Avant Garde.” Ciao bella, I’m going browse.

4. High Neck Sweater

Does this not looking comfy af? I intend, come on. $29.90 for a hug on your torso? Done. Sold. Ship it. This sweater be coming back cream( pictured) and gray. I approve of both colours.

5. Lace-Up Ankle Boots With Faux Pearls

Anything with pearls( faux or not) is a win in my book. I also necessity new combat boot, so let me just update my already full cart. Shoes for $60… not bad at all.

6. Flavoured Lip Balm Crayon #gummysmoothie

Okay, I’m really impressed with their beauty collection. $9.90 for this flavoured( how European of you to spell it like that) lip balm crayon. It is paraben-free , not tested on animals, and stimulated with plant based petroleums and butters.* slow clap*

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