Paris( CNN) The second round of the French elections was determined seconds after the polls shut Sunday evening, pittingtwo of the most unconventional nominees for the presidency of a nation that prides itself on professionalism and continuity of its leaders. Emmanuel Macron, who heads no registered political party but rather a motion he launched less than a year ago, “il be going” head-to-head against Marine Le Pen, president of the far-right National Front, who has never held national office in France, but who represents her nation in the European parliament elections, which she wants to dissolve.

The reality is that each also represents a dramatically different vision of France and its relations with America. In her adoption speech, Le Pen spoke of an purpose to globalism — effectively a France First vision of her nation that should mail chills of dread through much of Europe but thrills of pleasure through President Trump and his entourage. Ironically, it also specifies up President Trump, who effectively endorsed Le Pen last week, against President Obama, who called Macron to wish him godspeed.

While the world for the moment may exhale a sigh of succour that a far-left nominee, Jean-Luc Melenchon, was left in the dust, the last round will represent a French be voting in favour of or against France’s be retained in Europe — effectively a referendum on Frexit. A be voting in favour of Le Pen won’t happen by collision. It will be a awareness choice of the French people, who know very well who they will be sending to the Elysees Palace.