( CNN) Here we are today, in Donald Trump’s version of “modern day presidential”: Random severely behaved men on the Internet abruptly find their adolescent online aliases thrust into the national spotlight, as “HanA ** holeSolo” did this week when he acknowledged he had created the Trump v. CNN meme — and it was further disclosed that he was a regular purveyor of racist and anti-Semitic content on pro-Trump subreddits.

For women who write on the Internet, the existence of these types of trolls isn’t new. It would get boring to recount all the harassment I’ve received from anonymous boys on the Internet, but suffice it to say there are few creatively misogynist insults( and many more pathetically uncreative ones, usually starting with the letters B or C or involving indecent demands) that haven’t been hurled my behavior.

Two of these anonymous humen have shown up in my real life, off the Internet. A few of the comments have been sufficiently alarming that I’ve contacted law enforcement.

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