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( CNN ) Thousands of objectors clashed Saturday for a fifth consecutive day with security force in Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.

Officers in riot gear blocked a highway as marchers tried to advance, chanting “Liberty, Liberty! ” Protester tossed rocks and returned tear gas canisters use against them .
The Venezuelan National Guard likewise use water tanks against the demonstrators as thousands of them marched from eastern Caracas, an opponent bastion, toward downtown, where most national government facilities are located .

Protesters are demanding the dismissal of all seven justices of the Venezuelan Supreme Court. The courtroom issued a ruling March 29 that outraged the government’s political opponent. It ruled that all powers vested under the legislative body, the Venezuelan National Assembly, be transferred to the court itself, which is stacked with government loyalists .
The court reversed its decision three days later after a series of violent demonstrations. The opposition said the original decision attained Venezuela a tyranny because all three limbs of government would be in the hands of the socialists .

The government’s decision Friday to ban popular opposition leader Henrique Capriles from doing political work for 15 times galvanized the opponent again .

‘This is repression, ‘ opposition leader says

Capriles, 44, is the governor of Miranda state and a two-time presidential candidate who has become the most vocal critic of the socialist government. Capriles said on Saturday the government is again acting like a tyranny with an unnecessary indicate of army against the objectors .
“This is repression. This is a crime. They’re committing crimes and transgressing human rights by stepping on the rights of people. The government has staged a self-coup and what they’re now doing to me is part of it, ” Capriles said .
Capriles subsequently said his offices were damaged when gas canisters were shot through the windows, slightly injuring a custodian .
Earlier this week, speaking in front of his Cabinet in an event broadcasted on the government’s Tv network, President Nicols Maduro called the objectors “terrorists and vandals.”
“We have them all recognized. They’re all recognized. They will fall one by one and they will go straight to face justice, ” Maduro said .
The president said 30 people had been detained, but the Venezuelan human rights group Penal Forum reported Saturday there had been 115 detentions since Tuesday .
Opposition lawmaker Jos Guerra, who were involved in Saturday’s demonstrations, said the procession was peacefully advancing on Francisco de Miranda Avenue, one of Caracas’ main thoroughfares, when “tear gas bombs started raining on us.”
“People got dispersed. The repression was brutal. People ran towards shopping mall, policemen ran after them, and that’s when the chaos broke out. The government is responsible for all the violence. The marches were all peaceful until the national police and guard demonstrated up and the repression started, ” Guerra said .

Economic crisis

Venezuela is facing a deep humanitarian crisis triggered by an economic meltdown. Famines of basic food products and drugs are platitude. Inflation is expected to rise 1,660% this year and 2,880% in 2018, according to the International Monetary Fund .
Earlier in March, data regarding the country’s central bank revealed Maduro’s government is running out of cash. Venezuela has $10.5 billion in foreign reserves left. Given that the country owes $7.2 billion in outstanding debt payments, it intends Venezuela will run out of cash at some point, depending on the fluctuation of high oil prices. Almost all( 96%) of Venezuela’s exports are oil products .

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