( CNN) It was meant to be a moment of celebration, the celebration of one of the major milestones that led to Venezuela’s independence from its Spanish colonizers 200 years ago. Tuesday’s bicentennial festivities for the Battle of San Felix included a military parade and the inauguration of a new public square, which filled the streets of Ciudad Guayana.

As night fell, President Nicolas Maduro journeyed through the city in an open-top Jeep, waving at the crowd while wearing green military garb and the presidential sash. State-run broadcaster VTV showed a livestream of the event on national television.

Suddenly, President Maduro motioned to cover his head and his security squad hop-skip on the hood of the Jeep. The live signal cut to the image of the freshly unveiled statue of local hero Gen. Manuel Piar, but the microphone picked up audio of an agitated woman wailing “wait, wait — the President was hit.”