United Nations( CNN) Some pundits predict United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley will one day run for chairwoman, but for a month, at the least, she will be — of the 15 -nation UN Security Council.

Ambassadors take up the post each month, and April fell to Haley. While the former South Carolina Governor, who so far has been outspoken in her brief tenure in New York, said she is supposed to remain somewhat guarded as the leader of the 15 -nation council, she told a jam-packed press conference Monday that should would always be “a transparency gal.”

The role won’t enable Haley to snap her fingers and get whatever she craves during the discussions agenda. While Haley is pressing for a human rights discussion April 18, two other permanent members, Russia and China, are not interested, intending the idea might have to come to a election to see if the required nine countries support it.