( CNN) If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Donald Trump, it is that he has no qualms about belying himself to get what he wants. In Saudi Arabia, he wanted a $110 billion limbs deal — not to further peace and tolerance, as he later proclaimed in his Sunday speech.

Thus, his speech will not “be remembered as the beginning of peace in the Countries of the middle east, ” as he loftily set it, but rather a boost to the campaign that is ravaging it. Nor will Trump’s speech put an end to the Islamophobia and intolerance that he has spent the past two years instigating. After all, he needs scapegoats to blamed when the terrorism in the Countries of the middle east inevitably reaches the United States.

Given Trump’s opportunistic leadership style — what he calls “principled realism”– we can expect more contradictions between his rhetoric and his actions. Four specific contradictions warrant exploring to predict what is in store for American foreign policy in the Countries of the middle east, as well as for the care of Muslims in the United States.