Most of us will go through life mildly meditating a Rubik’s Cube every now and then, but a professional speedcuber can solve one in seconds- a record speed of four. 59 seconds, to be exact.

In a new video, Korean speedcuber SeungBeom Cho solves a cube so fast that most of the people around him don’t even realize what happened. Indeed, their actualization takes longer than it took him to solve the cube, but the room erupts with congratulations, applause, and paparazzi-level exuberance for Cho’s accomplishment.

Cho broke the record use a specific technique( it’s posted in the video description but unintelligible if you’re not a skilled speedcuber ). Reddit commenters note that “the worlds” record keeps get broken( as records do) because speedcubers decrypt existing techniques in order to attain them even faster.

Cho transgressed his record in Chicago, at the World Cube Association’s ChicaGhosts 2017. There is a pure, unbridled rejoice to his accomplishment; not one person in the chamber appears bitter or skeptical, and they rush to greet Cho with high-fives and big smiles. Can the world please be more like a speedcubing convention?

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