( CNN) This morning, more than 350 million people devoured a bowl of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. All told, more than 128 billion bowls of Corn Flakes are ingested each year. While perusing the cereal container, peering over the bowl and gripping a spoonful of the stuff, few of these sleepy diners are well aware that two men made those famously crispy, golden snowflakes of corn. John Harvey Kellogg, one of America’s most well known physicians, and Will Keith Kellogg, John’s longtime lackey and whipping boy, were brothers from the Michigan hamlet of Battle Creek. Together, they introduced and mass-marketed the concept of “wellness.”

And in so doing, they transfigured breakfast.

In early 1906, at the advanced age of 46, Will Keith Kellogg acrimoniously left two brothers John’s employ at the famed Battle Creek Sanitarium, a medical centre and grand inn — a “university of health” that treated the wealthy ailment and the worried well and promoted wellness or, as the doctor called it, “biologic living.”