Pete Bellis

I was never a fan of long-distance or distance in general. I liked continuing people close to me. I liked being around the ones I desired all the time. I desired sharing my space with all those people who mattered to me. But life doesn’t ever keep the ones you desire close to you because nothing exams the strength of your relationships or friendships more than distance.

And even though distance is one of the more difficult exams, it’s one of the most important tests because it shows you how people really feel when they’re surrounded by distractions, other people, a new life without you in it. It shows you if your absence will truly be seemed, if that person will truly miss you or if you’re simply another person they got attached to out of

And that’s when I learned that I wasn’t important to you because the moment “youve said” goodbye, your nerve was already on its way to moving on. It was on its way to forgetting me. And for a long time time, I blamed the distance. I blamed fate. I blamed the circumstances but I couldn’t get myself to blame you. I couldn’t admit that maybe it wasn’t so much about distance but more about you two are. The distance you made. The distance you enjoyed.

But now I’m thankful for your distance. I’m glad you picked distance over me because it taught me that I can live without you. It taught me that I can adoration when you are. It taught me that some deviations are really blessings in disguise .

Your distance was a blessing to me because it showed me that I was settling with you. It showed me that I also didn’t know what’s best for me because being around you attained me happy but I never paid attention to the route you treated me. I never paid attention to the list of things you always put before me. I never noticed that I was losing myself by staying with you. Your distance was a blessing because it taught me that distance isn’t something to be panicked. That with the right person, distance won’t matter.

It taught me that if a person wants to be with you , no miles or distance or period regions will get in the way. It taught me the difference between someone who wants to induce something job and someone who is looking for the first excuse to quit .

Your distance was a blessing because I learned how to fill the void you left with more important things like artwork, self-love, soul-searching, and solitude. I learned that I’m a person worth loving and I shouldn’t sell myself short for anyone. Your absence taught me more things about myself than your presence ever did. Your absence was the beginning of me find myself. Your absence was the beginning of me discovering to distance myself from people like you.

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