Roy Moore journeying his horse to the Alabama polls with truly dreadful form .
Image: Joe Raedle/ Getty Images

Alabama election day was eventually arrived, and Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore stimulated his grand entrance to the polls on horseback.

Moore — who’s been banned from a mall, accused of committing sexual misconduct by 9 girls, and alleged to have initiated a sex encounter with a 12 -year-old girl when he was 32 — likely belief arriving on a horse would be a nice distraction. But Twitter users and horse aficionados recognized one glaring trouble: the man’s sort was tragically awful.

Footage of the ride demonstrates an peculiarly stiff Moore awkwardly mounted on his pony, Sassy.( The pony does not seem thrilled to be included in Moore’s narrative .)

Horse Twitter saddled up and came here for Moore, savagely criticizing his form and throwing some serious equestrian shade his way.

Someone even took time out of the working day to create a Sassy Twitter report with the bio: “I did not ask for this. I am just a pony. I had no choice in the matter.”

According to the report, Roy Moore’s mare does not want him to win such elections, either.

Remember, everyone: In addition to the disgraceful harassment accusations, a be voting in favour of Moore is also a be voting in favour of horrible equestrian skills.

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