( CNN) I first ensure Don Rickles live in 1975 at the Latin Casino outside of Philadelphia. I was a punk. I cared about The Ramones and Iggy Pop, but I ran in slapstick, so I was going to see a Vegas comic: Rickles.

I expected to see a kind of cynical, laid back, phone-it-in, old pro performance. What I ensure was more energy and power than I would ensure a few years later from the Sex Pistols. I was sitting way off to one side of the audience so I could see Don go into the wings. And he was punching the air and sweating. Hey ho, let’s go. It was raw power. Don didn’t know how to telephone it in.

I got to know Don and hang with him a little bit. He was in my movie “The Aristocrats, ” and I ensure him backstage at his depict and at ours. I didn’t to know him as well as I wanted to, but that’s life, I suppose.

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