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1. He should make an effort to program dates. He shouldn’t expect you to come up with notions every weekend. Once in a while, he should take you to a new restaurant or store that he thinks you’re going to love.

2. He should make an effort to text back. And he should remember to tell you where he is and what he’s doing. It’s the most wonderful route to build trust. If he’s always open with you, then there’s no reason to uncertainty what he says.

3. He should make an effort to flirting. I don’t care if you’ve been dating for decades. He should never take your love for awarded. He should still to continue efforts to woo you, even though he already has you.

4. He should make an effort to give you an orgasm. You don’t have to climax you have sex, but you are able to climax the majority of the time. That means there should be plenty of foreplay and oral.

5. He should make an effort to save his money. If he frankly wants to spend the rest of his life with you, then he has to prepare for the future. He should be defying the urge to waste all his cash on booze and should be working alongside you to save up fund for a house.

6. He should make an effort to make you feel like a major part of their own lives. He should update you on what’s going on at work. He should invite you out with his friends. He should attain you feel important.

7. He should make an effort to get along with your best friend and family members. He doesn’t have to go on one-on-one brunch dates with your mom, but he should treat everyone you care about with respect. Even if your disapproving father is a little rude to him, it doesn’t mean he should be rude back. He should be trying his best to make a good impression.

8. He should make an effort to come to compromises. If you two disagree on something, there shouldn’t be a big blowout that ends with only one of you get your way. You should find a solution that advantages you both. Otherwise, the rancor is going to kick in.

9. He should make an effort to cook and clean. You’re not his mother. He shouldn’t rely on you to do all of his chores for him. He should be doing just as much housework as you.

10. He should make an effort to look good. He doesn’t have to wear a suit and necktie during every date, just like you don’t have to wear a skintight dress. But he should at least seem presentable. He should maintain that beard trimmed and wear that underwear that he knows his butt looks astonishing in.

11. He should make an effort to keep himself healthy. If he loves you, he’ll take care of himself, so that you two can have a long life together.

12. He should make an effort to induce you happy. He should think your smile is the most beautiful thing in the world, and he should aim to see it as frequently as humanly possible.

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