( CNN) He stood 5-foot-4 and weighed 130 pounds. An angular, baby-smooth face attained him seem even less intimidating. Henry Johnson was at first only another railroad porter who toted luggage and smiled for tips.

Johnson was a US sergeant standing sentry one nighttime in a French grove when a German raiding party attacked. The swarm Germans shot Johnson in his lip, psyche and side. Yet Johnson retained killing back. When his rifle jammed, he grabbed it by the barrel and clubbed more Germans. Then he utilized the bolo knife to stab and disembowel another adversary soldier. He retained hurling grenades until he fainted from blood loss.

When his comrades determined Johnson the next morning, they discovered he had killed four Germans and wounded about 20 more. They could still discover the bloody roads of wounded Germans who had crawled into the woods to escape Johnson’s fury. Johnson had been wounded 21 times but somehow was strong enough to survive the hourlong battle.