It’s not often that a rookie newcomer without any serious play hour all season results his team to win the national championship on the most coveted platform in college football.

But that’s exactly what happened for Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa on Monday evening in their nail-biter against Georgia.

Coach Nick Saban told Tagovailoa that he’d be going in after they were trailing 13 -0 at halftime, and the poised freshman meekly stepped up to the challenge, contributing Alabama to a 26 -2 3 OT victory over their rivals.

But the most awe-inspiring part of the nighttime was when Tagovailoa redirected the praises lavished on him to his Lord and Savior.

“What went through your thinker when you realise you were going to play in a national championship play? ” he was asked in a post-game interview.

“My mothers would be mad, so excuse me, but first and foremost I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, ” replied Tagovailoa. “With Him, all things are possible and that’s what happened tonight.”

The freshman quarterback was launched into insta-fame after his all-star performance, but after crediting God, he went on to applaud his squad for stimulating him’ look good’ 😛 TAGEND

“It was a team effort tonight. It couldn’t ought to have done without the defense getting us the ball back. Oline operating their butts off, receivers get open, it was just a great team effort. They were the guys that constructed me appear good tonight.”

Quite an impressive reply for a mere teenager.

But for those who know Tagovailoa best, his quiet humility and references to his religion came as no surprise.

In an interview with last year, he was asked what he would like fans be informed about him off the field. His reply was again chock-full of wise beyond his years.

“I feel that’s not up to me. That’s up to the fans, ” he responded. “They’ve been watching the film. I’m just doing my job and my job is to play the athletic that I enjoy. I use my sport and my talent as a tool to spread God’s word. Whatever I get out of it, all beauty be applicable to Him.”

And as for what it means for Tagovailoa to be a national champ? Admittedly, in this moment, he says “it entails the world.” But as a young man with his eyes fixed on Christ, he continued, “At the same time, all glory be applicable to God. I can’t describe what he’s done for me and my family. Who would have ever belief I would be here right now in this moment? I thank God for that.”

See more of Tua Tagovailoa’s post-game commentary in his ESPN interview with Maria Taylor below :

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