Train traveling on Athens-Thessaloniki route when it went off rails by the village of Adendro

An intercity train derailed in northern Greece, leaving four passengers dead and five seriously injured, including the driver, the country railway said in a statement early Sunday.

The train, with 70 passengers, was traveling on the Athens-Thessaloniki route when it went off the railway and crashed through a mansion by the village of Adendro, 40 kilometres( 25 miles) west of Thessaloniki, on Saturday night.

I was sitting on my porch. I considered a twinkling and instantly hear a horrible detonation, Giorgos Mylonas, 78, told. Then I considered the teach enter[ a nearby] house and heard the two Albanians who live there scream for help.

One of the three-story mansions two renters said he and his pal hopped from the balcony. We heard a horrible detonation and we were very scared, told Mir, 26, who only devoted his first name.

The trains locomotive went through the house, whose bottom flooring is storage space. The mansion is now tilting.

A local official, Mavroudis Mintsioudis, said the whole mansion is now leaning on the teach, which shows you how severe the crash was.

Emergency workers, along with two dozen fire trucks and many ambulances, are on the scene. Police would not let anyone get close, but a dog sniffing through the wreck could be seen alongside firefighters.

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