From the Tower Bridge to the Parthenon, its not just China that likes to build copies of famous landmarks after all, why change a winning designing? Some, though, are more convincing than others

Which is the real Capitol Building?

An unfinished replica of Washington DC’s Capitol Building stands in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Originally is planned for use as a luxury hotel, construction halted after financing for the building dried up. Recently the abandoned courtyard was being used by a driving school, while local residents had taken over the gardens to grow vegetables.

Which is the real Sphinx?

This replica Sphinx is in a studio park in Shijiazhuang, the largest city in China’s northern Hebei province.

Which is the real Statue of Liberty?

One of many replica Statues of Liberty worldwide, this one stands in the Tokyo district of Odaiba, overlooking Rainbow Bridge. Which is the real Florence?

The northern Chinese city of Tianjin is the site of Florentia Village, a 200,000 sq m shopping region was built in a former corn realm at an estimated cost of $220 m. It features Florentine-style arcades, a grand canal and a building which resembles the Coliseum of Rome.

Which is the real Angkor Wat?

A replica of an Angkor Wat temple was constructed 25 miles from Phnom Penh in Cambodia by a former monk who became a businessman. It is a functioning Buddhist temple.. Which is the real Tower Bridge?

The copycat bridge, with twice as many towers as the London original, intersects the Yuanhe Pond in the Chinese city of Suzhou. It is a popular backdrop for wedding photographs. Which is the real Eiffel Tower?

Hangzhou – an hour south-west of Shanghai – features a replica Eiffel Tower and Parisian-style houses. Which is the real White House?

Japanese industrialist Mikami Kogyo constructed this replica White House in 1983 during a journey by US president Ronald Reagan to showcase his company, which fabricates prefabricated building components.

Which is the real Parthenon?

This replica of Athens’ Parthenon forms part of a tourism and cultural rights theme park in the newly built city of Lanzhou New Area, in the west of China. The park likewise features a replica Sphinx.