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Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be put on ice.

Disney has directed theaters running Coco , Pixar’s latest, to remove the deeply unpopular 22 -minute Frozen short that plays in front of each screening. The removal goes into result on Dec. 8, sources familiar with the matter confirmed to Mashable.

The request from Disney likewise asks that theaters use the freshly freed-up time to hold extra screenings of Coco each day.

Pixar movies generally open with a completely unrelated short film, typically operating no more than 10 minutes. Olaf changed video games somewhat, between its length and its reliance on a Disney Animation Studios hitting( Pixar’s shorts are generally homegrown ).

The Frozen short has been especially problematic for a number of reasons. Length is the biggest issue, of course, since the actual movie doesn’t start until 40 minutes after the advertised time, between trailers, ads, and Olaf . That’s a lot of extra sitting around for an audience comprised primarily of children expecting a tale about music and family, set against the background of Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos.

Some have also accused Disney of shameless self-promotion, for swapping in what is seen as an ad for Frozen 2 — which is out in Nov. 2019 — where there would usually has become a Pixar creation. As Mashable’s Brittany Levine wrote last week, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure “felt like Disney was spewing in my popcorn for 21 minutes.”

Disney hasn’t yet responded to a request for comment.

Entertainment editor Josh Dickey lent reporting to this story .

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