Mike Pompeo mentioned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange portrays himself as a crusader but in fact helps adversaries of the United States, including Russia

Mike Pompeo, the director of the CIA, has branded WikiLeaks a hostile intelligence service, saying it threatens democratic commonwealths and joins hands with dictators.

In his first public remarks since becoming chief of the US spy agency in February, Pompeo focused on the group and other leakers of classified information like Edward Snowden as one of the key threats facing the United States.

WikiLeaks strolls like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service. It has encouraged its followers to find jobs at CIA in order to obtain intelligence … And it overwhelmingly focuses on the United States, while seeking assistance from anti-democratic countries and organisations, mentioned Pompeo.

It is time to call out WikiLeaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by country performers like Russia.

Pompeo compared WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange to leakers of the pre-internet periods like former CIA official Philip Agee.

Agees exposing the identities of undercover CIA agents was blamed for the assassination of the agencys Athens station chief in 1974.

On Wednesday, Assange published an belief part in the Washington Post in which he said his groups mission was the same as Americas most respected newspapers: to publish newsworthy content.

WikiLeakss sole concern is carrying constitutionally protected facts, he mentioned, professing overwhelming appreciation for both America and the idea of America.

While it has liberated secret substances from around the world, WikiLeakss notoriety comes from its US-related scoops. In 2010 it published 251,000 classified cables from US embassies around the world.

Last year it published files and communications from the Democratic Party, injury presidential candidate Hillary Clintons campaign. US intelligence says that release was part of a Russian plot to aid the eventual election of Donald Trump.

The FBI and other US organizations are in fact investigating alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.

The Guardian on Thursday reported that British intelligence played an essential role in alerting the US government to contacts between members of Trumps campaign team and Russian intelligence operatives.

Last month, WikiLeaks embarrassed the CIA and injury its operations by releasing a large number of files and computer code from relevant agencies top secret hacking runnings.

The data showed how the CIA exploits vulnerabilities in popular computer and networking hardware and software to gather intelligence.

Counterintelligence researchers continue to try to find out who stole the files and handed them to WikiLeaks.

Assange meanwhile blamed the US agency for not telling the tech industry and authorities about those vulnerabilities so they can be fixed.

Pompeo mentioned Assange portrays himself as a crusader but in fact helps adversaries of the United States, including aiding Russias interference in last years presidential election.

Assange and his ilk induce common make with dictators today. Yes, they try unsuccessfully to cloak themselves and their actions in its own language of freedom and privacy; in reality, however, they champion nothing but their own celebrity. Their currency is clickbait; their moral compass , nonexistent.

However, Pompeo did not comment on how Trump has previously lavished praise on Assange for the information he has made public.

Nor did Pompeo mention that he himself had quoted and linked to WikiLeaks in a tweet assaulting the Democratic Party. Pompeo at the time was a Republican congressman and member of the House Intelligence Committee.

The CIA declined to comment on that.

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