Cameron, Louisiana( CNN) People live and die by the water in southern Louisiana.

The water brings food, livelihoods and culture. But it also takes. Rising seas have swallowed more than 1,800 miles of coastline in the last 78 times, according to the United States Geological Survey.

That sets inhabitants here at the forefront of areas affected by climate changes. But among four people who invest the majority of members of the working day outside, whose lives are dependent on the weather, who stare at the same horizon each day, the issue is little agreement on what climate change will be generated, or even if it exists. Leo Dotson is among the skeptics. He’s been shrimping in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, for 54 times and he’ll admit the coastline has changed.

“It’s moved, ” he mentions.

But that got nothing to do with man-made climate change, he adds.

Skeptic: ‘I don’t see you changing my mind’

‘I just don’t reckon climate change is real’