Outgoing Sen. Al Franken( D-Minn .), who resigned from office earlier this month amid sex misconduct accusations, applied his final speech from the Senate flooring on Thursday to list President Donald Trump’s many lies. He recommended his congressional colleagues on both sides of the aisle to “stand up for truth.”

The Democratic senator said Trump did not invent many of the lies he spread — including false allegations about widespread voter hoax, climate change science and the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, but the president was now producing the charge.

“As I leave the Senate, I have to admit that it feels like we are losing the conflict for fact, ” he said. “Maybe it’s already lost.”

“So what is to be done? ” Franken said. “Who will stand up and fight for a more honest debate — to insist that, even though we have a different define of sentiments, we cannot honorably advance our vying agendas unless we use the same set of realities? ”

Franken’s last day in agency will be Jan. 2. Minnesota Lt. Gov. Tina Smith is expected to be sworn in as Franken’s successor the following day. The nation will then be represented by two women senators.

Franken chose to resign after eight wives publicly accused the senator of sex misconduct, including unwanted grope, kissing and sex improvements. Dozens of Franken’s Democratic colleagues called on him to vacate amid the allegations.

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