Wiseguise Pizza didn’t genuinely crave to be embroiled in the middle of a heated social debate. But, where reference is happened anyway, the pizza shop more than rose to the occasion, with a great sense of humor to boot.

After a polarizing political message appeared on a billboard adjacent to the restaurant in Mowbray, Tasmania, in Australia, the pizza shop could no longer ignore the elephant in the chamber — or, more specifically, the bigotry on the nearby street sign.

“IT’S OK TO SAY ‘NO, ‘” read the billboard — a message encouraging Australians to vote against matrimony equality, thus promoting lobbyist group Coalition for Marriage.

Wiseguise Pizza couldn’t let that stand — so they decided to have a little fun with it.

On Sept. 21, 2017, Fred Hooper of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation captured workers painting a response from the pizza shop on the white wall adjacent to the billboard.

Their message? It was simple, really.

“IT’S OK TO SAY ‘NO, ‘ … TO PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA! ” the updated message read, in a photo also snapped by Hooper.

“It’s a huge debate at the moment, patently, ” Wiseguise employee Ben Barwick told ABC, before quipping, “Everyone’s talking about whether pineapple should be on pizza or not.”

The store’s managing director Alex Jones( no , not that Alex Jones) told ABC that Wiseguise wasn’t explicitly taking a stance on the issue of wedding equality through its lighthearted commentary. But the far-reaching, lasting affect of the restaurant’s activities proves just how heated the debate over same-sex marriage remains around the world; although the narrative unfolded last month, the photo landed a coveted front page place on Reddit on Oct. 25.

It’s no meditate the story’s inducing waves. A critical poll is underway right now in Australia — and the outcome, which could decriminalize same-sex marriage nationwide, is still far from certain.

A mail-in survey asking voters if the existing legislation should change so same-sex spouses can wed has been open since Sept. 12 and will close on Nov. 7. Although the tally won’t formally decriminalize same-sex marriage if “yes” votes win out, it will lead to a parliamentary debate and vote on the issue, which would likely( although not inevitably) purpose in favor of LGBTQ rights.

LGBTQ rights proponents have cause for concern. While public polling has all along been demonstrated Australians are in favor of same-sex wedlock, recent indicators present a tight race unfolding.

Photo by William West/ AFP/ Getty Images.

Proponents of same-sex wedlock aren’t worried about a surge in “no” voters, necessarily; they’re far more worried about future prospects of the lazy “yes” voters: Australians( particularly younger Australians) who haven’t mailed in their poll yet. Overconfidence in a “yes” victory could spell disaster.

“There is no room for complacency and no reason to think someone else’s election will win this, ” Equality Campaign Director Tiernan Brady explained to News.com.au. “We know there’s an awful plenty of young person that have either not voted yet or filled it in and not delivered it to the post box.”

Young Aussies, say “no” to pineapple pizza and go poll “yes” for matrimony equality . Too much is at stake to leave this one up to chance.

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