I feel like the only reason anyone “says hes” looove summertime is because temperatures are ultimately decent enough to emerge from our six month hibernation and day booze overly. No one in their right mind actually enjoys the sweltering heat and ditching their all-black attire just so people don’t think they’re emo weirdo. By now, we’ve thankfully retired our rompers, wedges, and obnoxious bright nail refine. It’s my fave time of year where I can step into a fingernail salon anxiety-free and pick my go-to coloring without any hesitation because when in doubt, ever run black. I swear, I’m like, positive my manicurist said a prayer last week when I picked a colouring within 30 seconds. I signify, maybe with the exception of matte black, a basic black manicure is frankly so 2000 s. Although you’re too lame to try new things or you forget that 10 million other colourings exist, fall def offers us a plethora of gothy polish alternatives that are just as cute as black. They’re just as smart as black. People altogether like these colors just as much as black. We should all merely entirely stab black!

Uh, anyway, it’s time to change it up so, here are the really effing cute neutral alternatives to step up your basic black manicure game.

1. Christian Louboutin ‘The Noirs’ Nail Colour In Daffodile

Did anyone else know Christian Louboutin had a nail polish line? Yeah, me neither, but it’s as dramatic and eye-catching as you’d expect. I entail, look at the fucking spike for a cap–amazing. This “daffodile” gray is the complete opposite of the cheery yellow bloom( fucking plainly ), attaining it the perfect cool neutral tint that looks good with any skin tone. The nail lacquer applies better than any nail polish you’ve ever tried( bible !) for glossy, long-lasting, chip-resistant results.

2. OPI Nail Lacquer In Coconut Over OPI

A summery light brown still operates as the weather chills down because it’s such an edgy nude that honestly works for any time of the year. The toasty taupe is a combo of light gray and beige, constructing it a light shade that takes on a cooler hue. We all are well aware that OPI is life, otherwise our local nail salon wouldn’t be stocked with it, so your fingernails will obviously seem effortlessly chic irrespective of if you DIY or treat yourself to ANC.

3. Nails Inc Nailpure Polish In Prince Arthur Road

Deep navy is like the nicer, less aggressive version of black. It actually has a pigment of colour that doesn’t construct you appear seriously anti-social, but it’s dark enough to claw someone’s eyes out if they eat your leftovers get on your bad side. It’s neutral and dark enough to* almost* become the new black this autumn, so it’ll def go with all the black ankle plunders you wear this season.

4. NARS Nail Polish In Chinatown

Honestly , nothing is more betchy than a gorg red manicure. It’s classy, sophisticated, and IDK why, but it merely makes you definitely sounds like a boss-ass bitch. There’s just something about a deep merlot nail in the fall that attains me drink wine more than usual feel like I have my shit together. It appears fab with every single one of my generic black leggings and Adidas Superstars( persecute me ), and yet, it still channels my inner homicidal persona.

5. Jin Soon Nail Polish In Tila

The description literally says “moody” so that’s how you know you’re in the right place. The cross of deep ocean and forest green is seriously v unique if you’re looking for something to spice up their own lives, and it’s altogether not basic yet so you may as well cop this while you can. Jin Soon’s collection is pretty clutch because it dries in like, five seconds and lasts forever compared to the shit you probs buy at Duane Reade.

6. Essie Nail Polish In Sole Mate

Dark purple is my go-to on days I feel like being the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet. A dark plum is a neutral deep purple you can match with amazingly everything and easily take from fall into the upcoming winter. Essie’s 10/10 fingernail polish murders the game and will make your next dark mani look just as #flawless as this color.

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